We will discuss both General Risk Management and General Safe Working Procedures in relation to various Plant and Maintenance Equipment.


This page is developed under the guidelines provided by the resources available on Department of Education

The Plant and Equipment Risk Management Forms and Safe Work Procedure templates have been designed as generic guides to assist workplaces with assessing plant risks and developing safe work procedures. These documents should be used as a guide only and do not mitigate the requirement to assess plant risks and develop safe work procedures that are appropriate for the plant within your environment.


Students and teachers are encouraged to download the forms and resources from here and use it in the teaching learning process. It is mandatory that a trained professional (teacher) should sign the General-Risk-Management-Form. It is further advised that this documentation (General Risk management Form & General Safe Work Procedure) should be near the equipment and easily accessible. Following is the list of common equipment that is used in technology classes.


Cutting Tools 

Scrolling Saw - General Risk management Form 

Scrolling Saw  - General Safe Work Procedure 

Shaping Tools

CNC Milling Machine  - General Risk management Form 

CNC Milling Machine - General Safe Work Procedure 


Plastic Strip Heater - General Risk management Form 

Plastic Strip Heater - General Safe Work Procedure 

Joining Tools

Drill Press - General Risk management Form 

Drill Press - General Safe Work Procedure 


Power Drill - General Risk management Form 

Power Drill - General Safe Work Procedure 

Finishing Tools

Planer Hand held - General Risk management Form 

Planer Hand held - General Safe Work Procedure 


Air Compressor - General Risk management Form 

Air Compressor - General Safe Work Procedure 


Heat Gun - General Risk management Form 

Heat Gun - General Safe Work Procedure