Lego Mindstorm home page is here.

Download EV3 software from here and install


Click on the relevant link to download.


I have downloaded for windows. The file is about 630MB


Run the software by searching for EV3 and then clicking on "LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition"


Create a new project

Your next step is to Update the software

For this Go to Help > Check for Software Updates



and if there is an available update then it will be shown and you can click "Ok" to install it




Your next step is to rename the Brick

       Hard Way:

               You can achieve this by going to setting > Brick Name

               and then use button to move around the characters and use center button to insert the character. This is hard job and i gave up very quickly. There should be a easy way.

       Easy Way:

               There is a easy way to rename the Brick using the USB download cable. For this once your Brick is connected to the Mindstorm, you can rename it by just clicking the 



Connecting the Brick via Bluetooth

For this you will have to pair your Brick with your Computer

Settings > Bluetooth > make sure that "Visibility" and "Bluetooth" are checked and also make sure that iPhone / iPad  / iPod is unchecked

          after this go on to your computer and look for bluetooth devices (e.g. swap from right side of your tousch screen > All settings > devices > Bluetooth

                  now look for your Brick and click on it and then click "pair". 




If you are interested in controlling your robot using iPhone then try the commander app from LEGO



Resources for learning


This resource teaches about Straight Move, Curved Move, Tank Move, Move Object, Stop at Line or Angle or Object

This resource teaches about Multitasking, Loop, Switch, Multiple switch, Data Wires, Random

This resource teaches about Sensor Blocks, Text, Range, Maths-Basics, Gyro-Rate

This resource teaches about Compare, Variables, Colour Sensor-Calibrate, Massaging, Logic, Maths-Advanced, Arrays


This resource teaches you about different blocks. Just select the links one by one and follow the tutorials 


To reset a frozen brick:

Hold down the Back, Center, and Left buttons on the EV3 Brick. When the screen goes blank, release the Back button. When the screen says “Starting,” release the Center and Left buttons. Resetting the EV3 Brick does not delete existing files and projects from previous sessions in the EV3 Brick memory. Files and projects from the existing session will be lost. If resetting doesn't work then you can always unplug the battery. 


Installing Gyro and Ultrasonic sensor 

  • Go to
  • Navigate to Downloads and scroll down to EV3 Software Block Download . Then, choose the Gyro Sensor, and click Download
  • Save the file (Gyro.ev3b) to your computer, and remember the download location.
  • Launch the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 software
  • Navigate to Tools, and click Block Import
  • Click Browse, and select the file you downloaded earlier.
  • Select Gyro.ev3b in the dialog, 
  • Click Import.
  • Close and restart the EV3 software when prompted.


Ultrasonic sensor is not working any more...

Be very careful not to confuse the wait block's ultrasound sensor mode with the infrared sensor mode, and if it seems that the ultrasound sensors are not working properly then check that the correct mode was used.