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VS Express 2013 for desktop

Start a new project and name it as "LCD Demo"


Objective: To create a liquid crystal display as in calculators and electronic scoreboards.

Step 1-Getting Starte

Go to Programs ->  Microsoft  Visual Studio 2000 Express -> Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express

Go to File -> New project and name the project as ‘LCD Demo’.

Select the Form and change its ‘Text’ property from Form1 to ‘LCD Demo’.

From the Toolbar, choose the ‘Label’ tool to draw a label and name it as ‘lblTitle’ and change the following properties and place it in the center.

TextAlign : MiddleCenter

Text: LCD Demo !

Font : Arial Bold Size 18

Forecolor: Blue

AutoSize: False


The following video will help you get started:

Step 2-Creating Display and setting properties

Draw 8 labels and place them as depicted in the figure below.



After arranging the labels, change their names according to their positions. Use lbl as prefix when naming them.  (Exa : lblTop, lblBottom, lblTopLeft etc) and also make their texts to Blank.

Select all the lables now and then change the following properties

              Backcolour: DarkGreen         

              BorderStyle : FixedSingle

              AutoSize: False  

              Size: 90,26



 Resize the labels as in the figure below



From the Toolbar, select the ‘Button’ tool. Draw 11 buttons.

Name them as ‘btn0’ upto ‘btn9’.

Change their text property from 0 to 9 and the last one as ‘Quit’ and place them as shown in the figure below


 Step 3-Coding

Double click on the button with the text ‘1’ and enter the following lines of code

         lblTop.BackColor = Color.DarkGreen
       lblTopLeft.BackColor = Color.DarkGreen
       lblTopRight.BackColor = Color.Lime
       lblCenter.BackColor = Color.DarkGreen
       lblBottomLeft.BackColor = Color.DarkGreen
       lblBottomRight.BackColor = Color.Lime
       lblBottom.BackColor = Color.DarkGreen

Follow step 12 to set color for corresponding numbers in the buttons.

Run the program using the Debug -> Start Debugging and verify all the buttons are properly coded

Double click on the button with the text ‘Quit’ and enter the following code



Step 4 - Execution

Run the program using the Play button displayed in the toolbar and ensure that all numbers are displayed correctly. Click ‘Quit’ to exit the program.